Term and conditions of renting flat “online”

Renting flat online is very popular right now among erasmus students. Is very fast and convinient way to book flat before you come and move indmediately after arriving without costs for hostel itp.

We want to introduce you set of rouls to make the procedure even more effective, quick and easy for everyone.

1. After receiving all the documents (Buyer broker Agency agreement, term and conditions , booking a flat) we’re doing  pre-reservation for the flat for you for 72 hours (3days). It’s very important to sign, scan and send us back signed documents in this time. After 3 days, pre booking is no longer available and flats coming back to general data base for International students.

Sometimes it was even 2 weeks after we’ve got signed documents, we can’t wait that long, because for this flats we have a lots of interested people and owners are very impatient to wait so long for confirmation of renting.

2. Doing the payments (for the agency and deposit) should be done in  another 72 hours so 3 working days. We know that sometimes international payment are processing longer than that, so only thing we require is confirmation that payment was done in that 3 days. After this time, your booking is canceled.

We just want to show owner your confirmation of payment to make him sure that flat will be rented, and ALWAYS only done payment is guarantee of renting flat.

We hope that you’re understand those Rules and will follow them.

We’re happy that you’re choose EasyRent company and give us your trust :)